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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leaf Beetle: Chrysolina banksi

Chrysolina banksi,
Size: 10-15mm

Chrysolina banksi, a leaf eating beetle, landed on my wall, and as with all wild Insects, was incredibly fast moving through the gate from the inside wall to the other side.
Its food plants include Ribwort and Fennel, both present in my garden.

A day earlier,I found this one on the floor of my kitchen, walking towards me. Unfortunately neither one of them gave me the opportunity to capture their faces!

Zebra Spider, Salticus scenicus.
Jumping Spider.

Dead Fly; I love the intricate skeletonof Insects, which is on the outside to protect their delicate soft tissue and organs.

One of the Jackdaws, Corvus monedula, next to my neighbour. With a piece of bread from the school grounds next to us.


  1. You do get to photograph the most interesting creatures. Great shots.

  2. Thanks, Crow.

    I do not get to see or photograph any Beluga Whales from my beach or pier, though!

    I just spend a lot of time outside, looking what and who is around.


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