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Monday, July 26, 2010

Macro Monday: Feather, Fluff and Bristles

When you walk past hedgerows and banks, look down for once. It is amazing what is suspended down there. All I did was the B&W.
If you want to take part in Macro Monday, go to Lisa's (Chaos) blog, and sign up there. It is easy and fun.

Just a bit of fluff, suspended.

One of those days where the weather has not yet decided yet what it is going to do for the day. However it was mostly my own fault that this Hawkbit picture came out ovrexposed.

Behind the house, an old broom is in 'retirement'. The bristles have broken off, here and there.

Recently, Blogger has given me a real headache when uploading photos. Some pictues, like this one, gets rotated during uploading, and I wonder has any other blogger had this problem? ( And a solution too, perhaps?)

And no, it is not pasta!

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  1. Such interesting photos-- wonder if my broom would look that good in a photo-- probably not. I like the flower-- doesn't look overexposed to me-- looks like it should be an art print.


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