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Thursday, February 11, 2010

a few minutes of Macro textures in the garden, part 2

As a next post to the Red Deer Antler macro images, of January, I did a few more in the same garden in Bantry. This time I had only very little time, and when I came to the interesting bit (the Moss) I had to get indoors.

These are the leaves of a little grey leaved Ivy, which grows in a planter made out of a piece of tree trunk. I've never seen any plant which looked so much like the texture of jute fabric. (potato sack material)

The stems are very jelly-like. Or that is what they reminded me off.
Reminds me of charcoal or lava ridges.

Perhaps it wil be a little warmer too, as it was only a few degrees above zero this week. The two Hooded Crows were nowhere to be seen, The Blue Tits and Goldfinches were singing loudly from the top of the Ash tree above me telling us the Coming of the Green is here.. (but that is for another post)

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