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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fungi Season02- Coprinus comatus.

The Coprinus comatus, is an odd looking fungi with an even weirder behaviour pattern than most fungi that I know about.
It is also an edible mushroom, something I wasn't aware of when we saw them near Kenmare in County Kerry.
Apparently, this fungi likes the taste of itself so much that it feeds on its own flesh. Well in its own way. In order to make sure that its spores are released further than just below its cap, this mushroom needs to 'curl up' the bottom of its cap, or 'hood'.

It was an easy one to find the name of, with this particular tubular shape. and so I was soon able to get additional information too, which I needed because Sarah had forgotten to bring the fungi guide she had bought her husband. Anyway, this mushroom was a Fungi of the Month at Tom Volk's department of biology in May 2004.

Coprinus comatus.
Also called Lawyer's Wig. .

Apart from being used as food, this fungi had another used to people at one time. When the mushroom digest its cap, it starts to secrete an inky like substance, which has been used for writing. Inky Cap is another name used as well, for that reason. When you look to the dark edge at the bottom, you can see the ink's stains already.



  1. Wow, that's one great looking fungi. Wonderful shots.

  2. Read that it is also good to poach in red wine. Mmm, sounds good; They say it usually pops up in lawns, all over. you might still find one? or 2.

    Pity I haven't got one. Then again, I doubt these fungi grow on top of limestone rock.


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