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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Spider and Caterpillar species looking for ID

Any ideas of any of these identities? Please leave a comment or email to
This is a picture of a tiny Caterpillar; probably of a micro Moth. I found it about one of those little black segments of a Blackberry. Just around it really. Very earthy green colour. Very difficult to capture the colour, which was lighter than on the photos. About 7-9mm.

Down on the path, I spotted this lovely Caterpillar, crawling forward towards the front door. I needed to move it from here; with wheels and shoes getting to and fro, it was never really safe for any small creature, down on the ground. Easier said than done!
I remembered I had a small brochure in my diary, which I always keep behind my back. Did it want to walk onto this? Of course not! And why would it? It was probably hungry for a meal. as larvae it needs to feed well; it still has a long way ahead.

I've seen quite a few Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies, lately, which is a good sign, after having seen very few this summer.

This caterpillar is dark brown with light stripe running along its back.

A stray and late Common Dog Violet, Viola riviniana, on the bank along the road where I've seen many flowering this spring.

Two of those Summer Spiders which I caught in the kitchen.

This one has an overal banded or striped look, with very light brownish legs from the ankle joints. Under here, the legs are silvery looking.
Sizewise, it was just under or about 20mm.

This Spider has 4 light brown squarish spots on the brown abdomen. The thorax is of a darker brown. The knee joints of the front legs are of a different brown again than the rest of the brown legs; giving them a striped look,at first.
The front legs are about twice as long as the hind legs. This makes you wonder if it is for catching prey or for climbing?


  1. Oh my that last spider looks quite scary, lol. Wish I could help with your ID's but I'm hopeless when it comes to these things. That caterpillar is quite furry isn't he. Lovely.

  2. Thanks, Crow.

    The brown Spider was quite cute; it has something feminine to me. Was only 50+mm long; not big nor scary.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't like Spiders but am intrigued by them all the same.

    that caterpillar was indeed furry looking, more like they would act as spines, perhaps?

  3. those little hairy critters make me itchy. amazing photography. love the macro shots.

  4. Some really beautiful and lovely shots!! Thanks for sharing !!Unseen Rajasthan

  5. Thank you, Unseen. I hope to get even closer next time. a macro lens should be coming in a week, ten days.

  6. Hey there, what type of caterpillar is the really furry, brownish one? I found one and I want to learn how to take care of him. I need to know what species he is so I know what search terms to use. :P




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