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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Snail on the trapeze.

yep, my slippery invertebrates have signed up with the circus, and were practising for the audition. Or that is what this one told me anyway. Of course, I'm all for it; the less Snails & Slugs around the garden, the better. They often climb the central stem underneath the planter, which is a metal pole, which once supported a handrail, along the path, which came with the house, but very much in my way when turning around.
Once at the bottom of the raised planter, one must then work its way out to the edge, about 1ft out. Then about a similar trek upwards. And down again.
you must be mad. And for what? Surely not for a few fronds? Or are Snails breakfasting on Fennel seeds?

There are some more people with Fennels in their gardens, so have you seen similar behaviour? Or on any other Umbellifier of the Carrot family.

Banded Gardensnail:

Some kind of Fly,

And a newly emerged (green)Crane Fly, which I spotted on my kitchen cupboards above the sink, just when I was to go to bed.


  1. 5.9 for artistic merit for the snail ;)

  2. Thanks, Pete.

    The Invertrebate Gymnastic World Champs are not that far off.

  3. Thanks, Crow. I suspect it was hoping for a sort movie, actually!


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