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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A bit of good news

While I was watching ten or twelve Rooks plus about 6 Jackdaws, I really missed my camera, one of the Rooks was searching me behind the window and staring intently to see if there was any sign of protest against him filling his crop to the brim if a crop has one, that is.

You see, they can (well they do anyway!) feed here, but not fill their crop. I understand that they are hungry too, but I shoo them away pretty soon, once they are "over the limit" and need to leave the rest for the smaller birds.

I phoned Halls Cameras in Dublin, where I bought my camera, and your man was ever so friendly again. ( I am really glad I paid this bit extra because their service is second to none. )
It had soon been picked up by Panasonic and he was now waiting for their estimate, after which he will phone me to give me the option of going ahead or not.

When I asked him for a time estimate, he said that it would either be one, or two weeks, which realy surprised me.
According to him, any of the other companies would take months before he could get it back, but apparently Panasonic is very good at this and this ghives me hope that I will my treasured Lumix back before spring has been too far gone. I'm hoping for a month, because I don't want to get up my hopes too much.
I think I might treat myself to a filter and tele lens, also. The ones Panasonic made specificly for the Lumix FZ18.

On the other hand I miss it even more now, because the Irish spring starts on the 1st of February, the first day in the Chinese New Year.

Apparently, Panasonic is based here in Eire; the repair 'shop' is in Sligo, and the sales departmenrt in Dublin. No wonder that they can keep repair short and sweet.

Tomorow we might get the remnant of the cold weather which has been hitting the UK, yesterday and today. I'm a bit worried though because Francis is supposed to go to town tomorrow.


  1. I hope you get your camera back soon. I'd be in a right state, lol.

  2. Thanks. Well, I am in that kinda state at the moment!

    Trying to edit and organise the photos I took before.

  3. Hello. I arrived at your site while searching for birding blogs with this camera. I recently bought the same one on sale.

    Sorry to hear the camera's in fix. Hope it'll be almost brand new when it comes back. Cheers!

  4. Hi Psyl.

    Never thought of searching by camera!


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